Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Squeezebox remote control for android

Use this app to remote control your Logitech squeezebox connected to mysqueezebox.com

Use your mysqueezebox.com username(email) and  password in the login screen.  App connects to your squeezebox account and lists all your favorite stations. It also lists all your squeezeboxes connected to http://www.mysqyeezebox.com/.  You dont need to have a computer running squeeze server software for this app to work.

1. Show/Select favs
2. Volume control with feedback
3. play/pause controls
4. Artwork display from radio station.
5. Skip/Ban/Fav buttons added for lfm Pandora etc.
6. does NOT need squeezeserver running.
7. Supports switching between squeezeboxes if you have more than one box connected to http://www.mysqyeezebox.com/.
8. Works over wifi OR cellular data

1. Tested only android 2.0 and later.

market download market://search?q=pname:com.squeeze.web
or search for com.squeeze.web in the market
or use QR code below

please email androappdev@gmail.com for feature requests/bug reports etc.


  1. Your app doesn't work, received following error:

    "Could not retrieve player list. Are the squeezeboxes connected to www.squeezebox.com?"

    Yes, my player is connected. I was listening to it when I launched your app.

    I have a LG Ally running android 2.1.

    Sent you an email....

  2. I don't use a "mysqyeezebox.com" account. How can I just connect it to my Squeezebox server?